After our first workshop we had the opportunity to improve our relationship and lives, it was such an unforgettable experience! They not only helped us but our whole family. Applying the techniques, we learned, we were able to improve and be aware of what is most important to us. Since then we have become a constant example for our children and grandchildren. If there’s any problem we just have to remember what we learned with Michael, and we’ll find ourselves in total harmony again, sharing and creating together. We have been following him for many years when we lived in Argentina. Thank you, we wish you all the success. We always remember Rivka with love.

Haifa – Israel
July 2018

Kiryat Bialik, Israel

I’m very happy with the lessons I learned from you. I learned to controlmy emotions and be calmer. It’s so rare to find people like you, pure, humble, teaching people to live differently. It allowed me to forgive and move to a clearer and better world. Thank you for teaching me to live better and be a
leading human being. I was very fortunate to participate in almost all of the workshops since you came to New York.

I started with the workshops and then took private sessions, many of them by phone. I’m sure I didn`t miss any of the seminars you conducted in New York. Those workshops were very effective, I never thought that having so many people around me could help me, and from each workshop I accomplished somany things in my life very quickly.

My transformation was total. I married a good, hardworking man and together we became the couple I’ve always dreamed. As a wife I learned to help him and create a traditional and solid family together.

This transformation was possible because of you, you taught me how to live better, to live in peace with myself and my loved ones emotionally, economically, spiritually. What I have achieved and improved in my life is indescribable and I would never have imagined being able to achieve it. With all the love from me and my family, THANK YOU.

New York
December 2018

Silvia Casquete. Dimopoulus Autorizó su publicación
New York, NY – USA

Thank you once again for inviting me to an excellent workshop, it was so useful and constructive. I am happy to apply these lessons in my daily life. These seminars you and your team make are so important and should be more frequent in our society.

May your success continue!