Psychotherapist, (Licensed Mental Health Counselor, NY.)
For 28 years Dr. Meir has been teaching and training professionals, and leading workshops for couples, marriages. Consulting and training for companies and institutions in the field of Development of Human Potential.

  • 1990 Fundación Rivka Bertisch (based in Argentina)
  • 1996 IRM Success LLC – (based in New York)
  • 2000 Doctor Rivka Group – New York & Miami
  • 2014 DrMichaelMeir.com (based in Miami)

Dr. Michael is an innovative cardiologist, with subspecialties in Hemodynamicsand Aerospace Medicine, he is a researcher, trainer in the Development of Human Potential coach with an outstanding career in Argentina and The U.S. A coacher’s coach, trainer of trainers, educator, psychotherapist and seminar leader.

Dr. Meir has been internationally recognized for his leadership role in the Development of Human Potential.He has also been a counselor and psychotherapist via telephone (Tele-coaching and Tele-psychotherapy). During his academic career he stood out as a professor at Touro College in the areas of Psychology and the Physician Assistant program. He has been Dean of the Health Sciences and Technology Division at TCI College in New York, an institution founded 104 years ago by Nobel laureate, Guglielmo Marconi.

A key figure in the development of the R. Bertisch Institute. He served as Vice-President and Coach of Synergistics International, Argentina; as well as a counseling Professor at the school of the Bertisch R. Foundation, and as Co-Trainer of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Argentina).

Michael has conducted business training workshops for several chambers of commerce, including the New York State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, along with many private and government organizations.

He focuses on awareness and Human Potential Development on all levels of human activity, whether individual, domestic, group, corporate or institutional.

His couples’ workshops have been very successful in South America, helping over 4.000 attendants, and obtaining extraordinary results.

Awards and Accolades

Guest of Honor, Twenty Second Greater New York Conference on Behavioral Research at Touro College College, NY.

  • Benjamin B. Wolman Certificate of Recognition, The International
    Organization of the Study of Group Tensions, Psychology Department,
    Pace University.
  • American Psychological Association – Division of International
    Psychology. Presidential Citation for Extraordinary Service as
    Chairperson of the International Liaison Committee.
  • Crown of Aragon-Spain. “Antiguo Reino de la Corona de Aragon”-
    Honorary Member-Historic Institute
  • Cartier International Prize, Miami, Fla. Outstanding professional in
    Human Development and Community Service

San Martin Society – New York, U.N. (United Nations). Outstanding
work in Community Service.



Cambie las Creencias que lo hacen fracasar (Spanish Edition)

Hasta el presente la Teoría y práctica de las Creencias fijas la presentábamos bajo un nombre muy formal. He decidido utilizar este nombre “Engañe su mente” – Cambie las creencias que lo hacen fracasar, pues deseo que lo tome como un ejercicio para que su mente trabaje a partir de ahora de otra manera y así Usted, señor/a lector pueda ser artífice de su propio futuro, cercano y lejano.
Engañe su mente” tiene como propósito dar a conocer la importancia que tienen las creencias fijas en la determinación y formación de Modelos/Patrones de Conducta. Leer más…


(Spanish Edition)

Cada individuo es un valioso ser y no puede ser substituido. Nuestro objetivo es dar a cada uno las herramientas, el conocimiento, las técnicas, ayuda, puntos de referencia para desarrollar el potencial que cada uno posee, y mejorar la calidad de vida en salud, en las relaciones interpersonales, creatividad y memoria.
«Como Re-Crear Tu Vida» ofrece un valioso documento para el lector que busca detener, prevenir y… Leer más…