Iliana Berezovsky, LMFT

“I truly believe that relationships can be successful and lasting. My vocation is to help couples resolve conflicts, improve their relationships and reach new levels of intimacy, joy, honesty and integrity.”

Masters in Clinical Psychology. Degree in Couples and Family Therapy
(California) and Psychology (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Expert in Relations and Interpersonal Communication. Over 25 years of experience conducting seminars and workshops in English and Spanish nationally and internationally.

A Therapist, educator and coach who has helped couples, families and individuals. Founder and former director of Recipes for Life, an educational company that has published self-help content for the public and companies such as General Mills, Blue Shield Blue Cross of Florida and Papyrus.

Ms.Berezovsky was a supervisor and resident coach at St. Joseph Hospital of Orange, California.

She served as an assistant professor at Antioch University Marina Del Rey, California; There she taught therapy and other treatment modalities.

Frequent appearances on radio and television. Co-author of the book «How to negotiate with difficult people» and a contributor to the book «Institutional Psychotherapeutic Strategies»

She is currently working on her new book about relationships.