Revivir En Pareja is a “A Journey to Rekindle the Relationship”… a romantic,
entertaining and practical workshop for couples.  
It takes place in the most
idyllic and prominent destinations to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. Our workshop is professionally designed to guide and strengthen your relationship, find new meanings and learn how to plan and achieve new goals. You will increase and enhance your communication. Treat yourself to this memorable experience.


This workshop is designed for couples. We teach and train with a variety of un exercises activities, simulation games and other techniques, all them preserving your privacy and intimacy. There will be plenty of recreational moments, walks and visits to take in all the landscapes, colors, and flavors from a destination of your choosing.


Dr. Meir and Ms. Berezovsky will offer you evidence-based tools to improve the growth, connection and dynamics of couples such as:

  • How to reignite the fire of a relationship
  • Improve dialogue and marital communication
  • Prevent and solve marital crises
  • Creative use of conflict or relationship problems
  • Emotional intelligence as a couple
  • Romantic intelligence
  • Sexuality – Sexual health and tips that every couple should know
  • Como favorecer la unión familiar
  • How to facilitate family union
  • And much more…

If you wish to look into a particular topic that has not been specified or have an objective that you would like to achieve during the workshop, feel free to write to us. Dr. Michael and Ms. Iliana will be happy to contact you shortly.

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