Embark on a journey to deepen the connection, communication, and intimacy of your relationship on an amazing workshop set in the most beautiful and exotic locations.

We can assure you that Revivir en Pareja will be one of the most important steps you and your partner can take to revitalize the romance, deepen your connection and reignite the love and passion of your relationship. At any stage or any situation.

Organized by Dr. Michael Meir and Iliana Berezovsky, LMFT, Revivir en Pareja – “A Journey To Rekindle the Relationship” is a workshop specifically created for those special marriages and couples who love to travel, discover beautiful landscapes, get to know new cultures and local flavors while having the opportunity to enhance their relationships. It is a different, unique and exclusive adventure.

Parejas con problemas - Revivir en Pareja

Our workshop has been specially designed to empower couples and positively strengthen their path towards growth and well-being, so they can overcome any relationship crisis or problem. It is an invitation to rediscover yourselves, to reveal your true potential, to revitalize your sexuality and achieve the kind of life you deserve.

Led by renowned professionals in the fields of Psychology, Couples Psychology, Education and Coaching.Michael Meir, M.D.Psychotherapist and Coach; Iliana Berezovsky, LMFT,expert in couples. Will offer you their experience and tools developed during more than 25 years in the field of family therapy and sexual health. They will guide you through this journey of reconnection with your partner.


Are you ready to enjoy an unforgettable trip and rekindle your relationship?

This workshop is specifically created to rediscover yourselves as a couple and achieve your goals together. We are convinced that Revivir En Pareja –“A Journey to Rekindle your Relationship”, will be one of the most important steps you and your partner can take to deepen the connection, communication and intimacy of your relationship.


An opportunity to reconnect, to reignite your love and strengthen the core of your relationship

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